Kusoglu Lab Research
Our research theme is the structure-function characterizations and modeling of ionomers and solid polymer electrolytes to understand and optimize their functionality in electrochemical technologies - from the proton-exchange membrane and alkaline fuel cells and electrolyzers to clean-water application, solid-state batteries, and flow batteries. Our work involves a wide range of topics from modeling and diagnostics of ion-containing polymers (ionomers) and thin films at dynamic, functional interfaces, including interrogation of their transport and mechanical properties and structure-property-stability relationships, to morphological characterization through state-of-the-art synchrotron X-ray techniques at the Advanced Light Source (ALS).

Research projects and activities:

  • Structure-Function relationships of ionic polymers for energy conversion and storage

    • Understanding transport-stability correlations of anion- and cation-exchange membranes
    • Development of characterization technqiues for morphology and mechanics of polymers (with the ALS)
    • Investigation of hybrid ionomers and composite structures for multi-functional membranees
  • Ionomer studies for Fuel-Cell Performance and Durability (M2FCT consortium)

    • Exploration of membrane chemistries for improved transport or durability
    • Membrane durability with combined chemical-mechanical degradation effects
    • Elucidating ionomer thin-film behavior to improve electrode performance
  • Characterization of solid polymer-electrolyte membranes and interfaces for

    • Water-splitting and Electrolyzers (see our capabilities as part of HydroGen and H2NEW consortium)
    • All-solid-state batteries
    • CO2 reduction
    • Clean-water applications
    • Redox Flow Batteries
  • Electrochemical-Mechanical Phenomena

    • Understanding and mitigation of chemical-mechanical failure in solid-polymer electrolytes and interfaces
    • Fundamentals of structure-transport-deformation relationships in adaptive, functional polymers
    • Mechanochemistry in ionic soft matter

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